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Our Services

We transport dry, refrigerated, aggregates to all points of the United States, whether it is LTL or TL we have a solution for you . Call for your quote today 320-203-7049

     Asset based LTL/TL shipping and logistics   services, Warehousing and Cross Dock Services

Our logistics coordinators are specially trained in the art of freight transport management and customer relations. When you ship with us you can be confident in the fact that your logistics specialist is trained and dedicated to your account. 

Call for a quote on freight brokerage/warehousing and cross dock services

                                       Signing/Light Construction services.

As a small business starting in the transportation industry it was important that we learn and become efficient in all areas of business from maintenance and construction, engine and vehicle repair, shipping and logistics to human resources and everyday operations. We’ve built our reputation on excellence in everything that we do from light construction, fabrication and design to shipping and logistics. Having that practice has led us to great opportunity with the State of MN DOT during this extreme downturn in employee availability within the transportation industry. These light construction/signing projects have made it possible to keep our employees and be profitable.